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Livelock is an upcoming "cooperative top-down shooter where you and up to two others must work together to break the cycle of infinite war between machines." -


Livelock is set to be released on August 02, 2016. Only images released to the public are permitted to be included on my site. There will be many more, high quality images coming soon, once more footage from the game is released. 

A room in the Power Plant - just one of the environments I did in the game. The composition and all assets were done by me -

the lighting has been changed since, and the splattered paint was added afterward as well. 

There are my assets in the background-  large metal pipes, I-beams, rails, stairs, barrels, and various clutter.

My barn asset is featured in the wasteland - interior shots coming soon!

In the power plant, stairs, platform, and piping that I created.

Car platform assets that I made are shown.

This video of the Power Plant is comprised of many props, materials, and assets I created while at Tuque. This includes, but is not limited to: the barrels, fence, ceiling pipes, stairs, wall materials, floor grates, steam generator, small turbine, wall pipes, and vertical turbine. 

These are the small turbines.

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