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Procedurally generates levels of a dungeon; in other words, random pathways of interconnected square rooms, filled with randomly placed boxes, ending at the (larger) Boss Room. Each room has a low chance of spawning a treasure chest. As the dungeon level increases, the number of rooms increase, and each room has a higher chance of turning or becoming longer.  Meshes are placed into an appropriate hierarchy, and an FBX exporter is included, which exports in Unreal scale.

Python Scripts in Maya

Procedural Dungeon Generator

Axis Align

Allows the user to mirror objects(s) over a selected face/object on the desired axis, while retaining the original pivot point location. Can also align objects to the selected face or object on the desired axis.

Select Similar Faces

Selects all faces on the angle threshold that the user defines.

Material / Suffix

Assigns a specified material to your mesh, as well as adds a user defined suffix to your object name.

Group Nuke

Ungroup selected meshes/groups to the top, or delete all empty groups in the scene.

Random Rotate

Randomly rotate selected objects on specified axis. Includes Center Pivot & Freeze Transform shortcuts.

UV Align

Averages and stacks all selected UVs in the UV editor.

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